An Allegory

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An Allegory

Just as our physical body progresses with the help of a harmonious functioning of our feet, by providing continuous support to one other, so does our spiritual body (our ego) progresses with the help of its two feet, our Mind and our Intellect.

Truly, the important thing is the continuity of support (Kripa) and harmonious functioning (endeavor) of  these feet. If either of the feet goes out of sync, surely our progress will be thwarted.

As  Shree Shankracharya said “to be born as a human being is the greatest kripa God bestows on us.” Every breath of our life is His kripa. But the choice of direction we take is solely depends on our endeavors. In short


Being is Due to kripa  of Purush ( i.e our  Praarubdh )


Becoming is due to our endeavors in Prakriti (  i.e our Purushaarth )


Purush and prakritiAre the two feet of universe.


Praarubdh and Purushaarth are feet of our destiny


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