“Blessing or a Curse ?”

જાન્યુઆરી 7, 2009 at 10:37 પી એમ(pm) Leave a comment




                         God is the only one, who really exists and

                       To support everything, seems to be HIS goal.

                       Everything else emanates from HIM.

                       Every pebble,  every tree and every soul.


                       Things that are born must certainly die

                       They exist for a while to play a certain role.

                       As pebbles and sand support the trees

                       And trees provide food and shelter for all.


                      Man is the only one who really cheats,

                       And tries to break every rule of this game.

                       He thinks he can control every thing he sees,

                       Just for a lousy little gain or a little fame.


                       Yes, he is endowed with intellect and freewill

                       So he thinks amongst others he is the best.

                       But this intellect breeds arrogance and pride

                       And with his freewill he ruins the rest.


                       Intellect and freewill,very precious to man,

                       Are they truly a blessing or a hidden curse?

                       I ponder a lot, that without both of them

                       Could he have really done any worst?


                       And if you want an answer from me 

                       For the question I just asked,

                       I will say nothing other than

                       It’s a curse, it’s a curse, it’s a curse.

                                                                              Girish Desai

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