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” The Shadow and The Screen.”

” The Shadow and The Screen.”


  Is God, truely something real?

 Or is He just a figment of my mind!

 An answer to this, I hope, I wish

Some day I could really find.


To me, God is nothing but

A huge transparent screen,

Where a shadow of this world is cast

Which creates a wonderful scene.


There is never a moment in time

When absent is this screen.

But because it is too transparent

It always remains unseen.


I know, this shadow is an illusion

And that screen is the solemn truth,

But how can I with my feeble mind

Furnish you with a valid proof !


When muddled mind casting its shadow

Becomes transparently clean,

And thus,not able to cast its shadow

Surely will merge into that screen.


                                      Girish Desai.


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