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” The Shadow and The Screen.”

” The Shadow and The Screen.”


  Is God, truely something real?

 Or is He just a figment of my mind!

 An answer to this, I hope, I wish

Some day I could really find.


To me, God is nothing but

A huge transparent screen,

Where a shadow of this world is cast

Which creates a wonderful scene.


There is never a moment in time

When absent is this screen.

But because it is too transparent

It always remains unseen.


I know, this shadow is an illusion

And that screen is the solemn truth,

But how can I with my feeble mind

Furnish you with a valid proof !


When muddled mind casting its shadow

Becomes transparently clean,

And thus,not able to cast its shadow

Surely will merge into that screen.


                                      Girish Desai.


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“અજરામર આ આત્મા”

છેદી ન શકે શસ્ત્રો જેને,

કે ન બળે જે અગ્નિથી કદી,

ભીંજાય ન જે કદી પાણીથી,

કે ન સૂકાય જે વાયુથી વળી,

અજરામર એવો આ આત્મા,

કહો બંધાયે શાને વાસનાઓ થકી ?

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“From Abyss to Abyss”

“From Abyss to Abyss”

 If future is a time which

Nobody has ever seen

Then to cherish all their hopes

Why everyone always dreams!


Does future always bring for us

Happiness and hopes?

No. Sometimes it makes us happy

And sometimes it makes us mope.


Future is one big river bed

Whose banks are eternal time.

Flowing full with water of hopes

It springs from human mind.


If every hope of every man

Keeps flowing in that future time,

Still after eons, some one will find

Deep empty abyss of time.


To me, future is nothing but

Deep empty abyss of time.

And water of hopes from abyss of mind

Will keep flowing to that abyss of time.


                                                              Girish Desai




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