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              For Health

Stay away form junky foods

Eat health food instead, and

Never keep your body hungry

Yet it should not be over Fed.

And give it a good work out

So it can sleep soundly in bed.


                 For Wealth

From every hundred that you earn 

At least twenty must be saved.

Say goodby to credit cards and

Pay with cash or check instead.

And just before you think to spend

Make sure all your debts are paid.


               For Social Life

Treat people with honesty and love

There is no need to cheat and hate

Judge some one using your heart

And feel his heart using your head.

And before you say something

Choose the words that are to be said.


               For Mind

Try to keep fixed in the mind that

Things exist, only in our head.

They are projected from within of us.

And out side they are just displayed.

Remember, Heaven hides in our heart.

And hell is exposed thru our head.


Following these rules of health

One can remain healthy and stout.

Following these rules of wealth

One’s money would never run out.

Following these social rules

One gains friends and clout.

Following the rules of mind

One could live peacefully, no doubt.








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