” What a Shame!”

જાન્યુઆરી 25, 2008 at 4:42 પી એમ(pm) Leave a comment

” What a Shame!”


As varied are the kids in this world

So varied are their toys. 

And varied are the games they play

To fill their hearts with joy.


As varied are the folks in this world

So varied are their Gods.

To whom they bow, to whom they pray

To help them thru their odds.


If kids don’t get, the toys they want

They will cry and start to fight.

But with passage of just a little time

They will laugh and then unite.


But the folks who never saw their God

Keep fighting to save His name.

They think, they can help their God

What an irony! What a shame!


Childhood toys and manhood Gods

Help us to train our minds.

So, folks, let us learn from all these kids

And in Gods name, let us unite.


                                  Girish Desai        






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